Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Bye Fun Phone, Hello Go Phone.

Ok, so a lot of you know my phone sob story. My phone got left outside during Christmas and was ringing in the street as it got run over by a car. Our darling neighbor watched this happen and brought me my phone but it was a bit too late. One side of it was smashed. So for the past few weeks I have been babying this phone TRYING to get it to work long enough to finish my contact with AT&T so that I can switch to Verizon…. No luck. It crapped out tonight so now I have a cheapie Go phone from Wal-Mart until June…A really really cheap go phone. So cheap it struggles to ring..... Please either email me or text me your phone numbers- home, office, cell—so I can get them into my new fabulous Go phone…..
Thanks and Gig'em

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