Friday, January 30, 2009

Little Mommy

Briley is so sweet and so nurturing. She just ADORES her baby sister. More than anyone else- Olive is her favorite person. She always tells me how fragile Kayelyn is, and how we have to take care of her because she was so sick. And how she is going to protect her when she gets bigger. SO SWEET. Briley's other favorite person (besides her beloved Kitty) is her Cabbage Patch Kid Claire. She got Claire for her very first Christmas present from mom and dad.... For awhile she called her Little Claire Brewer, (Her cabbage patch birth cert. name is Claire Rose) but now she has been fondly renamed "ClaireB" after our darling little friend Claire Barrow. ClaireB has been dragged around and has taken quite a beating over the years. She feeds Claire and burps her and puts her to bed, changes her clothes and keeps her warm. Today, after giving Kayelyn a bottle I went to put her in her swing and look what I found...

It's so cute I left her that way and gave Kayelyn the bouncer instead. She EVEN strapped ClaireB in and had the music on.....

Sometimes that little girl does the cutest things that just MELT my heart again and again. I love her with all my heart.


  1. That is the cutest thing i have ever seen. B is so cute and sweet. Tell her that she gets her present tonight for being a good girl at school, Kayelyn gets one too just for being cute...

  2. You do have two precious girls!