Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Best-Worst Year Ever

As we ring in 2009 and gladly say adios to 2008, watching the ball drop in NYC and the clock tick down, it makes you take a short trip down memory lane. In Past years I have always been sad to see the year go away.... leaving so many fond memories behind. This year I am hoping to never have another year like 2008. I have heard a lot of people say 2008 was the worst year of their lives. Whether it be the Economy, the hurricane etc I know a lot of people are looking and hoping for a brighter start.

Our little family has experienced more in this one year, than most people do in a life time…

Our year just started out Crappy. 9 days after 2008 started we lost Addie Girl, our Beloved Yellow lab to a long battle with Diabetes. I really thought it would kill me.... ISTILL MISS HER SO MUCH EVERYDAY. We want to go see Marley and Me, but I know I will cry throughout the whole thing....

We are a Two-Dog Family. After we lost Addie, we welcomed Sully Dog into our lives. She is Black Golden-Doodle and has all the traits of a lab, but doesn't shed!

In April I was put onto bed rest for my pregnancy and stayed in the hospital for about a week. I stayed on bed rest from April 16th until June 6th. For me, it was extremely difficult, as you all know I have trouble sitting still. I was sitting in my house, on my bed wanting to vacuum and clean toilets…. It was terrible….
June 6th came and we went to the hospital for my scheduled C-section. The jovial family awaited with Pink Camo Shirts ready to celebrate the next little miracle!! We had no idea how miraculous she would turn out to be. Kayelyn Olivia Brewer came into this world a sick little girl. Born with a lack of surfactant in her lungs, she blew two holes on her right lung and was promptly life-flighted downtown were she stayed for nearly two months. For weeks on end we sat by her bed side praying and hoping- begging God to let us keep her. She fought hard and so did we and she made a full recovery in record time—the doctors were even shocked at how quickly she came around.
After she was released, mommy was promptly thrown in the hospital for gall bladder removal and a liver procedure. I was released and came home to my wonderful husband, who managed the entire household better than I could have on a regular basis.

In August, I launched my web-business-

so far it has been successful. My goal is to deliver boutique style products for great prices and my customers have been appreciative so far!!!

In September Hurricane Ike Ripped through Texas, all but Destroying our family beach house in Bolivar... We didn't too much Damage at home.... just trees and fence....

In November I lost my job of going on 3 years. It was a bitter separation, but never fear! When one door closes another one opens!! I found a new job working for the Memorial Hermann hospital system Ironically in the same hospital Kayelyn was born, in the nursery as an infant photographer … I am aiming to pursue new goals as well, but thats a whole other blog :)

Nathan is doing great, still working at LCS. He has taught him self how to play the guitar and is quite good. He is enjoying life with two little girls and staying very busy making the wood products for Couture Bowtique!!

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Briley-Bear is thriving! She is growing so quickly and is SO smart! She talks and talks and has the vocabulary of a 10 year old… She is such a joy to have, we are so blessed.

Our little Olive is doing so wonderful! I worry constantly about her, but she gets bigger and stronger every day!!! She has two teeth and says “Ma Ma Ma Ma” and “Da Da Da DA”….

In a nutshell, this has been the Best-Worst year ever. Looking back, everything that happened to us we pretty terrible, but in the end we ended up very blessed.....

Everything happens for a reason, regardless if you can’t see it at the time. All of the year’s events had a purpose and we see it now. Addie prepared us for everything to come; Bed rest taught me patience… Kayelyn’s illness brought the entire family closer and strengthened our marriage. My illness gave me strength, Ike really humbled us, and losing my job was the best thing that ever happened to me…. Now I have a career I love and more time with my girls. Our whole family is stronger than ever!
The Lord works in mysterious ways. I Hope that 2009 is less eventful for us, though 2008 was the greatest adventure of our lives so far.
We hope your 2009 brings AMAZING THINGS!!!


  1. I'm so amazed at everything you and your family have endured this year, and then even more amazed by the faith with which you carried these events with and what you learned from them. You're a one-in-a-million person, Melissa, and I am so blessed to have met you this year.

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. You did have quite a year but it is great you can see when God closes a door another one opens!Way to go hang'n in there and not loosing faith! 2009 is your year,girl! What a beatiful family you have! Your girls are beautiful and I love your goldendoodle!We need to get all the girls together for a playdate!

  3. Way to hang in there. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Your family is amazing!!!