Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What we're doing in Sicky Land....

I got the girls a new pool, you can see the elephant pool is dying... LOL it has a hole and wont stay inflated.... I set the new pool up but everyone is still blah today so the only one that went swimming was Sully Dog :)

Another trip to the doctor and now everyone is finally on the mend!! Thank GOD!!!!! Tonight everyone is playing and eating and HOPEFULLY everyone will sleep!!!

In other news, I moved my workspace/office upstairs.... my desk has been in our bedroom which is no bueno for many reasons....

#1 Its impossible to entertain the kids while I work in there and I worry about them getting into something they shouldn't....

#2 its hard to "leave" work when its staring me in the face 24 hours a day. Now that it's upstairs I feel like I am leaving the office when I come down LOL.... Lame I know.

So I got this new desk, it has more space, I have a view out the window which is lovely!

Nathan knows I love Orange so he got me an orange desk lamp and desk chair!!!

But the great part is.... my "office" is part of the playroom, meaning the kids have the ability to play while I work. Their bedrooms are down the hall and the stairs are gated off so they can have full run of the upstairs while I work!! So far, it's working out great!

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  1. Glad everyone is starting to feel better. Your new "office" looks cute! :)