Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So Nathan and I started Day one of P90X EXTREME HOME FITNESS. Let me tell you. It's not much fun. I literally thought I was going to hurl all over my living room floor. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of PUSH-UPS!! REALLY!?!?!? I never have been crazy about work out videos, they bore me and remind me of my MOUSERCISE days :P
Nathan Reallllly wanted to do this so I committed to the 90-day Shred. We'll see if I last that long. My intentions are good, but we will see!!!! The video tells you to "BRING IT"
Well. I brought it and now I can barely MOVE IT :)

The downside to a home workout:
The dogs was in my face the entire time, breathing hot stinky dog breath on me while I struggled with military, and diamond push-ups.... The kids were in bed, but I can imagine that they won't be much fun with it either....
Halfway through I wanted to grab a bowl of Rocky Road and watch him.... I maintained self-control.

The upside:
Having the ability to close the blinds so I can yell and grunt and scream and sweat in the privacy of my own home. This workout creates adverse behavior that is not socially acceptable unless you are trying out for a very dramatic role on the Biggest Loser. If I had to do this workout in public, I wouldn't have very many friends.... I also liked that I can whip the t-shirt off and "pretend" I am a gym hottie in my tank top and shorts.... Can't do that at the gym :) Bahhhh ha ha ha!!! :)

Tomorrow is Plyometrics.... Yay. Super.

I will keep you updated as we go!

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