Friday, July 16, 2010

KK's Big Girl Bed

For the past week or so KK has been begging to sleep in a big girl bed like Briley, or sleep IN Briley's bed. So we finally decided to try out the Toddler Bed. I have a fear of my babies falling and hitting their heads, so Briley's first real bed was a tiny bed too.... I feel very lucky to have this particular bed. My sweet friend Cristal gave it to us and its in perfect condition! I debated on the bedding. Finally decided to buy fleece and make bedding for it. Hobby lobby had their fleece on sale today so I bought it and had it together in about 2 hours. I made a pillow sham and throw pillow too!!!

She was downstairs watching Kung Fu Panda when we put the room together. This was her reaction when she first saw her new bed!

Look at that Big happy girl!

When Bed time came she wanted Briley to tuck her in.... Isn't that sweet!

Reading her book before nite nite time!

I will admit, saying goodbye to the crib for the last time was rough for mommy and daddy. I don't think I can bear to get rid of it. It's too special. It was a gift from my mom and sister and grandparents.... I think I will hold onto it and maybe someday Briley or KK will put their precious ones to sleep in it too!


  1. yay for the toddler bed!! I put the girls in their toddler beds when we moved in..they were 16 months old and I was worried they wouldnt do well..but it has worked out really well except when im trying to get them to take a nap and they keep getting out to play i have to put all their toys in the closet and its worked out perfectly! hope she does well!