Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daddy Day Care

The other day I had several photo shoots in a row.... Daddy took charge like he always does when mommy is out working and took the girlies to the park. They had a blast hanging out with dad....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Show UsWhere you Live Friday- Master Bedrooms

This week is master bedrooms. I really like our bedroom. It has been a work in progress. As you all know I love COLOR. So here, I tried to tone it down with browns but added more color and pattern for a fun look. Its comfy and cozy and chic....
This is my dresser, it's an antique and does not match our bed etc.... but I love it. I love wall crosses. I have them in every room of my house
This is my "chunky chair" Nathan and I found this in College Station for a bargain price and i LOVE IT!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Time Stuff and more...

KK Olivia had her One Year Well-baby and good news! She is WELL! :) This little miracle is out running the expectations the doctors had for her...
Here are her stats!
Weight: 22lbs 52%
Height 31" 93%
She is growing like a weed and ahead of where she should be on most things! We are so proud!

We also Dog-sat The Barrow Fam's 4 legged children last weekend and as always they are so tiny and cute!! Briley loves them!!

Suumer time is here! It is SO hot but somehow we are managing!! Today my car Temp gage said 106. Briley has been having fun playing in her blow-up pool...

And the Garden is doing well too! We have Cantaloupes!!

and Cucumbers!!


Green Beans!

And of course, what is a post without me bragging about my sunflowers. They are amazing. they take my breath away they are so beautiful!!

I told Nathan I want to rip out all the grass and just have a field of sunflowers. That idea didn't appeal to him for some reason...

Zoey loves the heat! She could stay outside forever!

In other news, Sully Dog got her summer hair cut! Now she looks like a black lab! I am going to miss her fluffy locks, but she is so happy with short hair!

Monday, June 22, 2009

VBS 2009

Briley had her first VBS this year. The Theme was Studio GO! Game Show!

She has a blast going everyday last week! She got to play games, see her friends, do crafts and learn about the Lord. She was chosen to be a contestant the in games... She did so well!

Briley's Class made this canvas for the preacher to say Thank you... So sweet.

One of the things they covered at VBS was "Go Tell" meaning go tell the world about Jesus! Briley did just that. After VBS one day she rolled down the window of the car and yelled at everyone at the light "JESUS HAS RISEN!!!!!!!!!"
That's My girl :)

This was the coolest game.... They blind folded the contestant and made them transport noodled form one bowl to another! It was so funny!

VBS Wrap Party 2009
Lauren and Cody!

Briley got her face painted at the Wrap Party!!

Yummy Hot Dogs for ALL!

A HUMAN Sundae!!!

Aunt LALA and Bear

Cody is Crazy!!!

This is what Blue Snow cones do!