Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moments that Warm My heart

Last night Briley came up to me and said... Look, I look like Alice! I am having a baby!!! I about died laughing!!!!

Just Playin!!!

certain moments warm my heart everyday:
.... This is one of them.... Briley likes to sit in bed and read every night before bed... Its so cute.

Nights when Daddy is home to tuck his girls in.... This picture says it all. we are SO blessed.
Today I was cooking and Kayelyn was screaming because she was hungry. Briley pulled her hair chair over to her and started feeding her..... So sweet.
Kayelyn's Messy Face-- she manages to get crumbs everywhere....

Kayelyn loving her play yard. We had this with briley and she did too! Its a BIG safe place to play while I am cooking or cleaning!


  1. That's kinda scary...Briley Preggo! :o)

  2. sorry testing again will explain later. :o)

  3. That is so funny!!! Briley is so smart!!! You are doing a great job with them!!! I can only imagine having a baby and a toddler...they have to keep you on your toes!!! and you work!!! I dont know how yall do it!!!

  4. They're both getting so big... reading in bed, too cute! :)

    I LOVE your new layout and header photo.