Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I was trying to kill some time the other day, waiting for a prescription to be filled at Walgreens, so I decided to drive through Oh LaLa! Dessert Boutique here in Katy...
I was pleasantly surprised to learn they are reasonably priced so I got a Cupcake for Briley and Myself....

She got Strawberry Limade because its Pink and Green (Imagine That)

And I got carrot, and yes while boring- very delicious...
Briley love it and made a huge mess
She then decided to share her very sour lime icing with Kayelyn...

"OH!! Wow Mommy! Thats some sour icing!!!"
"Wowsers.... I need a drink.... hurry Mama!"
"Eh... That wasn't so bad!! Gimme More!!"
It's lifes little pleasures like that make things easier when times are tough. The simplicity of a cupcake and kids and icing.... It's wonderful :)


  1. That's so cute. I love all of Kayelyn's expressions!

  2. Thank you Melissa! That was a very nice comment you made!! I really appreciate it...I try really hard!!! Kayelyn is getting so big!!! I cant believe she is almost 1!!!! That cupcake Briley got looked yummy and you can tell on Kayelyn's face!!!