Saturday, June 20, 2009

To the Man I love....

It has been almost 20 years since I met Nathan.... In sixth grade... he had just moved to California from Texas and he was the talk of the school.... All the girls saying "Have you seen that new BOY!?!?" "He is sooooooooo cute" "Have you heard his Texas Accent???" And yes I had seen him. And yes, I was young, but I knew form that moment I would marry that Boy. From the SECOND our eyes met we both knew that we had something very unique. A lot of people don't believe in Soul Mates.... Boy, I do.

Our first date was to the Movies. Of course we were 11 years old. His mom drove us to see Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. He tried to hold my hand at the movie but was afraid his mom and brother would see so he quit :) The first time he kissed me was after the School Fair by the Drinking Fountain on the playground at Montevideo Elementary School. It was just an innocent peck on the cheek but I about fell over. I melted and I went home and told my mom that night "I will marry that boy someday" She just laughed and rolled her eyes. I am sure she thought I had lost my marbles....

At the end of 6th grade he moved back to Texas and I stayed in California. The day he left he promised me he would be back to take me to my senior prom....

We wrote (me more than him) We called and ran up huge phone bills and we both attempted to date other people over the years. It never worked. I compared everyone to him and he did he same....Every Valentines Day I would receive a gift and a phone call saying "You're Still my Valentine" (I found out later that he lost many a date on Valentines Day because they found out he called me before them).

The Summer between our Junior and Senior year in High school I went to visit Nathan in TX for 10 days. The moment I walked off the plane, that same small brown-eyed boy, who was now 6'3", kissed me and to this day, I still melt when I see him. That year. He flew out and surprised and took me to my senior prom.

He is now the father of my two precious girls.

We have weathered more serious, complicated, stressful situations in our time together than most people do in a lifetime. Each Day, as a Husband and as a Father I love him more and more. It only continues to grow and he only becomes more important to me.

I cannot imagine life without him. Everyday he busts his rear to give us a better life. He works two jobs to help us stay afloat after we accumulated huge medical bills last year and I then lost my job... He never complains. He will not let us fail. He always lends a hand around the house and helps me keep things neat and tidy. He gets up with the girls so I can sleep in and he cooks and cleans..... I could not ask for anything more.

Nathan, You mean everything to me. I hope you know that I love you more with each and everyday. I couldn't make it without you in my life. I appreciate you and respect you and everything you do. I support you 100% and want you to know that 20 years ago I dreamed of marrying you. My dream has come true and it's all I hoped it would be.



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