Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day Re-Cap

Where do I start?? We had a FABULOUS Turkey day.... We started out in the morning watching the parade.... Briley FLIPPED out over the giant Dora & Hello Kitty.... Then we all took naps- I haven't done that in forever!!! How nice to actually RELAX!! After our naps we headed over to my In-laws house for dinner. They had two turkeys-- a traditional turkey and a fried turkey.... Both were fabulous. We all of course, ate too much and then sat around feeling miserable and fat... Then it was craft time.... we diped the girls' hands and feet in paint to create a moose shirt out of their hand prints and footprints..... They turned out so cute!!
Friday of course was black friday and thats a whole other blog entry :)
Saturday I started my new part time job and had a blast... I have an interview Tuesday. Stay tuned....
Daddy and Olive being goofy

Trav fried a turkey this year for fun... It was really good!



You MUST Floss after each meal!!

Bear Reading to Olive

Smiley Girl!

Looks like Jen ate too much turkey.. Oh wait- That's Madi in there!!

Painting Haylee's Foot

Jen & Haylee


Briley's Handprints

Mommy? What are they doing to my foot??

Olive's Handprints

The Beginnings of a MOOSE Shirt

Daddy doing the flying saucer

Lala and her nieces

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