Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was so much fun this year! This year was the first year Briley really "got it". She was Sleeping beauty and Kayelyn- well she was a girl of many faces.... She started out as an adorable candy corn and that didn't go too well. So then we changed into bumble bee costume and that was ok for a few minutes-- long enough to at least go outside.... things wrapped up quickly and then we changed into a comfy halloween jumper from MeMaw.... Here asre some pictures from the night!

Wardrobe #1

Our Sweet Girls

Wardrobe Change #2

Wardrobe Change #3

Briley Getting Ready to go!

Nathan's Pumpkin

Madi wanted to dress up too!



"Minnie Mouse" Haylee & Aunt Issy

Briley Loving Haylee

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