Sunday, November 16, 2008

Poor Olive...

Kayelyn has been fighting allergies for weeks now. Every time a booger even makes an appearance I take her to the doc out of sheer paranoia. I am terrified she will end up back in the hospital.... This past thursday the allergies became a bigger beast so I left work, rushed her to the doc and they promptly sent her to the hospital for chest xrays. I was pretty freaked out... The good news is- Her xrays all came back clear. her lungs are clear and healthy.

The bad news is she has been wheezing so the doc has starting her on breathing treatments to help with the allergies and congestion.... She is not too thrilled about this. She has a purple dinosaur mask that straps to her head and even thought its adorable, she hates it.
Here she is pretty calm for the picture. The reason is that mommy was singing baby beluga and dancing in circles..... oh the things we do for our kids....

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