Saturday, October 18, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

There is never a dull moment in our family. This weekend was the FIRST weekend in MONTHS that we haven't had hardcore plans. Could we keep it this way?? No. Not so much. Instead Nathan gave us all a scare and started having HORRIBLE chest pains. He could barely stand up straight. I was so worried.... So I took his stubborn butt to the ER where they did an EKG- Normal, a chest x-ray- Normal, and blood work- Normal. They determined he has Esophogitis, and infection of the esophgus that causes inflammation. He them got reflux and the acid started tearing him up inside. I was so relieaved to learn all was ok. So we came home and the entire family slept while I worked on my Bowtique assignments.... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day...

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