Sunday, October 26, 2008


For Briley's 3rd Birthday she has been asking to get her ears pierced. She really did very good. The funny part was when we got there, she said "I want daddy to go first." Daddy said "I don't need to get my ears pierced, I will hold you while you do it." She begged and him and batted her eyelashes and said "pleeeeeeeeease you go first." Well Since Daddy is wrapped around her pinky finger he relented and allowed the lady to pierce his right ear (yes, the "gay" ear) with a Star Stud. Things things we do for our kids. My husband is such a good daddy. I am not sure everyone would do that......
Well that made briley happy and she was happy to allow them to do hers after approving of their process on her daddy. Needless to say, daddy took the star stud out immediately. :) and all is right with the world.
Briley cried for just a minute and when they showed her her new earrings in the mirror she was thrilled and couldn't stop lloking at them all night with her barbie compact mirror :)