Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Years!! 2010!!!!!!

Every year my mother in law has a new years eve party and it's SO much fun. There is enough food to feed and entire army and there are so many fun fireworks.... Briley just LOVES the Sparklers!

As USUAL, KK was not to fond of the cold or the fire works :) She doesn't Adapt well to new things. ...

Its hard to tell, but thats Briley behind those flames double fisting sparklers :)

Eventually we came in inside with KK and she has fun running around the house while everyone else shot fire works out side :)

After Sissy came back in she got a BIG hug :)

Ok so there were these really cool glasses, that when you put them on and look at the tree you see angels and lights. ..... Nathan loved them :)

I used the glasses as a filter over my camera just to prove how cool they really are :)
as always the chocolate fountain was the center of the party :)


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