Monday, November 2, 2009

The Power Team

The Power Team came to our church and spent nearly a week here..... Now I have seen a lot of cool things.... but this was amazing..... The Power Team is a group that goes in churches and schools and performs feats of strength and discusses morals, Christianity etc..... They are truly remarkable and we were so lucky to have them!

The Power Team's
Mission Statement

"To reach people of all ages, who would typically not ever attend an event in a church setting, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Drawing people from all walks of life together into one setting, through the use of performing visually explosive feats of strength, by incredible athletes, who share the life-changing message of the cross."

Lighting The Stage on fire

Breaking Cement Blocks

Blowing up a rubber hot water bottle with a lifetime warranty...

Bending Frying Pans with his bare hands....

Bending 3 steal bars at once...

Tearing two License plate in half at the same time.

Tearing an 1800 page phone book in half.

Breaking Major League Baseball bats

Lifting a HUGE log!

Breaking out of Handcuffs behind his back....
And my hubby, an aspiring power team member :)


  1. this is crazy they really inspire me to know your unique in every way no matter who you are and also they were at the kenton city high school

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