Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Recap.....

Halloween was very exciting this year!!! The weekend kicked off with daddy getting to come home and shortly there after Uncle T landed himself a room at the hospital for some digestive problems. Needless to say T didnt get to go with us trick or treating so we all tried to take lots of pictures to share with him....
Saturday Morning I took Briley to get her nails and toes done.... She pick a halloween theme!

Then we headed to the Barrow's house for their annual Halloween Bash! Everyone had SO much fun!

Yummy Spooky Brownies!

The Pinata was a hit!!

Hellllloooooooooooo Hollywood!
Briley was a Monarch butterfly...

KK was a LadyBug!

After the party we met up with Haylee Bug and Baby Madi to go trick or treating!
Briley and Haylee!
Baby Madi!!!
Trick or Treating!

I caught Grandmama raiding the candy bag for Whoppers :)
Look at all those girls with their grandmama and grandaddy!
This was a guy acting like he was a mummy and when the girls walked by he scared them!
After trick or treating Baby Madi decided she needed to do some stretches before she hit the sack.....
Briley and KK really scored this year!! Yay Free candy!

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