Friday, October 2, 2009

The Pawty Palace - Katy, TX

I took Sully and Zoey to the PAWTY PALACE in Old Katy for grooming this past week. Let me tell you.... this place ROCKS. If you need a groomer, Lisa is the best and they do an amazing job!!! There is boutique for shopping and they have a cage free area for the dogs to hang out while they wait for mommy and daddy. They ALSO have a YARD. A really nice yard for the dogs to run and play and go potty, so they are not locked up in a cage all day! It's GREAT!
I took some pictures while I was there....
Yes.... They have Doggy Nail Polish and they WILL paint your dogs nails for you!

These are delicious looking doggy toys!

Here is a view of where the dogs get groomed!

This is a room where they have beds for the dogs to sleep after they finish their beauty treatments!

Yes Bed Head fans.... They use PET HEAD Shampoo!

Have you ever seen so much cute doggie stuff!?!?

Doggie Halloween Costumes!

Designer collars....

Look at my gorgeous girl after she had her bath!

Gourmet Doggy treats! Yes! Thats doggy pizza!

When I came in Zoey was eating and Aggie Cookie!

Look at all the beauty Products!

Here is a doggy bedroom! A closet and a bed!
Yes, they even have doggy ale :)

This is the "dressing room" for trying clothes on :)

If you are looking for a great groomer, a fun place to shop, a place to have a doggy birthday party or a fun place to socialize your dog you should call them.

You WILL fall in LOVE! :)


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