Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just a Random Update :)

Things have been pretty crazy here at our house.... We have been going about 200 mph and haven't had time to stop! So in a nut shell here are some pictures and things that have been going on....
Our weather has been insane. One day hot one day pouring one day nice and cool! I can't keep up! a few days ago these clouds were outside my back window and I had to get a picture! Gorgeous!!!
In other news, Briley is starting ballet and tap lessons today. She is so excited and so am I!

Kayelyn has a few new tricks up her sleeve.... First the Art of Saying Cheese. If you tell her to say smile and say cheese! This is what she does :) It melts my heart
She is very busy- walking EVERYWHERE! she is so good, she doesn't get into things and only plays with her toys....
She has also mastered the art of body painting with her dinner. No matter what it is or where we are, this child is truly the messiest eater I have ever met..... but she is still cute :)
The other day it was nice and fallish out, so I decided to get the girls dressed in their Halloween costumes for a picture..... Aren't they precious!!!
And last but not least, we had a snake in our garage yesterday as we were getting out of the car there it is, right under my feet!!!! First instinct told me it was a Copperhead and I worried that my kids were in danger so I stealthily hopped over him (as he was coiled and poised to strike mind you) and grabbed a shovel and OFF with his head!!! I then buried the remains, as my dad taught me to do, because the head is still poisonous for days after and putting it in the trash is dangerous..... I later learned that this is only a Texas Rat Snake..... ooops.

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