Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Briley's 4th Birthday

Briley Had a very eventful 4th Birthday..... She had an Halloween themed party and EVERYONE dressed up! Even Adults! It was SO much fun!!!!
Daddy Was a 70's Guy....
Here is the yummy goodies table!
Grandmama was a Spider Lady and KK was a lady bug!
Lauren was The American Dream Super Hero and Cody was a transformer!

Aunt Jen was a Witch and Madi was a Leopard!
Haylee was Abby Kadabby and Travis was Nathan :)
Nan was a red Hat lady!
and MeMaw and an indian :)
Meg was a bad witch....
and the Birthday Girl was a butterfly!

The Kids Painted Pumpkins

Ella was Rockin her Halloween Dress!
And Jen took a minute to Sport Nathan's Fro :)
Next We bobbed for Apples and the kids LOVED IT!

Then we broke a pinata and there was Candy EVERYWHERE!!!
Yummy Cupcakes!


KK says it's YUMMY!
Baby Ella lost her dress so she could enjoy a cupcake!

Seeing Double???
All in All it was a GREAT party! We had so much fun and I cannot believe our little girl is FOUR! We love you Briley!

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  1. What good sports! Everyone looks so cute!!! It makes me really excited for Halloween. Happy Birthday Briley! & Nathan, I really like all the facial hair... it suits you well.:)