Thursday, August 26, 2010

PreSchool Open House

I cannot believe its school time again. Tonight was Tiny Treasures Open house. This year I am blessed enough to have BOTH of my girls at school with me. It's always a surreal feeling when you jump to the next level. It hit me like a ton of bricks tonight. This is Briley's LAST year at Tiny Treasures. She has been attending since she was 2 and this is KK's first year in Big girl school. Both of my girls- growing up way too fast. I am going to need therapy and Prozac for Briley's first day at Kindergarten. WOW. This mom thing is tough. Sometimes I wish I could feed them something that would stop them from growing, or at least slow it down! lol!!

Briley is in PRE-K this year. She will be learning her sight words and how to read. YES. READING. My baby girl will be reading.  Her teacher's name is Ms Tina. 

Kayelyn will be in Ms Val's class and she is so excited. She talks about Big girl school all day long. I really think she is going to like it....

Hooked On Learning!!


Most of you know I teach preschool two days a week. I love it. I am not sure its a job many envy. Most people think we just babysit all day..... that it's not a REAL job.....  Well let me tell you-- It is a real job and I feel very blessed that I get to be that first stepping stone into public school that helps a child transition so much easier than if they had never gone to preschool at all. By the time thet leave our class they know their ABC's, their numbers 1-10 and their colors. Briley is in her last year of preschool and she is sounding out words and doing some reading. Without preschool she wouldn' be this far ahead........

So I spent the last two days up at Tiny Treasures with Kathryn, getting our room ready for the new school year which starts on Sept 7th for us. We decided to do a theme in the entire room and we went with a Fish theme that we like to call "Hooked on Learning" and "Dive into Learning"  We had a great time decorating!!! But I'm exhausted!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Farm Food

We went to our friend's farm last week and they made dinner. O M G. It was so good.

The kids had a blast watching TV, playing dress-up and catching frogs.

Cathead Biscuits and Fried Okra....

Pecan Glazed fried chicken and cream peas.... we had mashed taters too...

Kids Table!

After dinner briley and jonathan got married....

Abbie threw her hand in the way just in time for the KISS !!! LOL

KK was stalking these cupcakes all night.

and she loved the kitty!

Here is a pic I took of a resident banana spider on the porch..... he was having farm food (a moth) for dinner too-- blech!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bunk Buddies

So the girls bunked up randomly at the beach house this past weekend..... They are so precious when they sleep!

Here Sully joined the fun....

This is priceless. Haylee is all over the place when she sleeps..... This makes me laugh everytime I look at it! :)

Kids are so precious and cute!!! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lovin Nanny McMarley

Marley took the kiddos to the pool today..... You can tell just how much they love her :)

Briley is becoming quite brave.... check out the pic they got of her doing her "split flip"!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Patio

We received TONS of White Limestone and we are going to make good use of it!!!

This folks, is the beginning of a patio..... tonight I spent an hour moving rocks and didn't get THAT much done, but this is what it is going to look like, of course the cracks will be filled in with mortar and cement.... We can't wait!

Another Fabulous Day with Nanny McMarley

Nanny McMarley brought a GIANT tub of Barbies today along with two friends for the girls to play with. This is the state of my living room as I work today. So much fun. Wish I was playing too. :)