Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nanny McMarley

As I sat at my computer for endless hours trying to get caught up on work, dying of sleep deprivation and battling a horrible ear infection and cold my husband came up with a brilliant idea. Get a nanny.
My typical day-- Get up make breakfast, clean, get showered, play, playdate or swimming or something.... Basically the entire morning and early afternoon is dedicated to the house and kids. During naps I worked for about 2 hours and after naps its back to kids and house and dinner.... after dinner is baths and bed.... so I start working at 8:30pm and stay up till 2 or 3:00am everyday.....
But a NANNY?? How do I find one and how can I afford that?
So on a whim I ask a girl at church, if she would be willing to come to my house 3 days a week to play with the kids while I work and put them down for a nap. She said yes. So for the past couple weeks Marley has been coming and what a blessing is has been. I still get the joy of seeing my kids but she is right there to help and Guess what I got all my work caught up this week and I am back on schedule!!!
She has been playing with them and taking them swimming and out to lunch and to the mall play yard and today she took them to the children's museum.... They have had a blast and mommy is happy too!!!
There is a movie called Nanny McFee..... Briley has been calling Marley Nanny McMarley LOL..... It's so cute.
Here are some pics she took at the museum today!

Thank you Marley for blessing our lives!
You have made it easier on this momma and the girls adore you! :)

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