Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hooked On Learning!!


Most of you know I teach preschool two days a week. I love it. I am not sure its a job many envy. Most people think we just babysit all day..... that it's not a REAL job.....  Well let me tell you-- It is a real job and I feel very blessed that I get to be that first stepping stone into public school that helps a child transition so much easier than if they had never gone to preschool at all. By the time thet leave our class they know their ABC's, their numbers 1-10 and their colors. Briley is in her last year of preschool and she is sounding out words and doing some reading. Without preschool she wouldn' be this far ahead........

So I spent the last two days up at Tiny Treasures with Kathryn, getting our room ready for the new school year which starts on Sept 7th for us. We decided to do a theme in the entire room and we went with a Fish theme that we like to call "Hooked on Learning" and "Dive into Learning"  We had a great time decorating!!! But I'm exhausted!!!

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