Saturday, May 15, 2010

Briley's Dance Recital 2010

Let me preface by saying that THIS was a brand new experience for Briley and myself!!! I don't think I was ever cut out to be a stage mom.... I think I am more along the lines of a soccer mom-- something that requires less STUFF and less prep!!! Sweat and dirt..... this getting perfect and staying clean and still thing.... not so much.....

Getting ready for a dance recital is stressful!!! The rules and dress codes!! It's CRAZY!!!!

So today we got up at 6am and started this process!!! First we had to get the hair done.... pulled tight and SLICKED in a bun on the TOP middle of her head!!! Not an easy task with VERY long very soft wispy uneven (She cut her hair at school the other day with safety scissors) hair.... Lots of Dep gel, Freeze hairspray, 4 latex rubber bands, screaming and whining and 23 hairpins later we had ourselves a bun....Next was the make up- DARK, stage make up. Lots of it. So if you have a daughter, you know that this whole make up thing is for the birds.... I mean she IS 4 after-all!! TOO YOUNG!! But I get it- I DO. The whole picture thing for stage etc... but geez. Not easy for me to cake up on her face for the first time....

Eyeliner!?!? That was a challenge!

The mascara OF COURSE.... she was most excited about this and.....

theHot Pink Lipstick!

Look at that! She looks TOOOO grownup!

Briley & Daddy after she was all caked with make up and in her warm up clothes!

Banana's are the world's perfect food.... so what better way to start your day.... the breakfast of champions :)

I took this picture to demonstrate the irony of this situation.... as I mentioned I was not crazy about the idea of putting make up on my 4 year old.... she had a princess sippy full of milk.... she got lipstick on her sippy for cryin out loud! :)

All ready for BALLET!! YAY!

LaLa and Grandmama came back stage to surprise Briley!

Briley and mommy after she got ready!
Waiting backstage before the ballet dance!

Lining up to go on stage for Ballet!
It was completely dark in the auditorium and they said NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I decided I would follow the rules... I was the only one, Everyone else was taking pics!!

I don't have any pics of her dancing her ballet show !!! We do have the video down below....

Waiting back stage for the 60's Tap dance!

Waiting Patiently!!

The Tap show!

I finally gave up on the NO flash idea... everyone else broke the rules so I did too.... so I have a few pics of her on stage during the tap show!

Here is she talking to the girl next to her instead of dancing!

Let me add that if you start counting from the right hand side OVER.... Briley is 5th in line :)

The end of the Tap show!

She got a trophy! She was SO proud!

Daddy Surprised Briley on Stage with Flowers!

Look who came to watch you dance Briley !!!

Briley with Grandmama & Grandaddy

Special Props to AUNT JEN!! She is not pictured because she sacrificed her time for our sanity!! She stayed home with the little ones which turned out to be a GREAT thing! There was NO way they would have lasted through this! :)


Briley and Uncle T & Haylee Bug!

Briley & Haylee!

Briley and Mommy! I'll admit I cried I was so proud!

Our big girl sitting on stage after the performance!

Briley & Daddy!

Two very proud parents :)

Aunt Lala!

With Cousin Haylee Bug!

Posing with Cody!

After it was all said and done....
Briley got to choose where she wanted to eat... she chose Spring Creek BBQ!

Briley wanted me to take pictures of her trophy and flowers in her room...

Every little Ballerina needs bubble bath after dancing so pretty!

It's nap time!! SO SLEEPY! What a DAY!

Here are the videos we got of Briley Dancing.... they are not great quality, but you get the picture!! :)

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  1. The pictures are great but the videos are priceless, especially the second one. I laughed until tears came. So adorable. Enjoyed the shots of you and Nathan too - and tell Nathan he looks awesome in his black hat. Remember I don't see him that often and am used to the baseball caps.