Monday, May 17, 2010

Awana Awards 2010

Briley received another Awana Award tonight for completing her 2nd year. It's so cute to watch her up on stage getting awards! It makes me so proud!

Briley has told us a few times what she wants to be when she grows up. A long time ago she told me she wants to work at the Taco Bell Drive through..... I thought Dear Lord please don't let that stick :) THEN.... she said she wanted to be the tooth fairy.... Cute....

I am pleased to say her goals are getting higher as she gets older....

She also announced last night at church that she has decided she wants to be a missionary and go to China. I asked her if she knew what a missionary does.... She said yes, they go tell people about God. WOW. She said she chose China because she heard they need missionaries there but that she also really likes Chinese food. The sweetness and innocence of a child makes my heart happy.

She told me about 3 weeks ago she wants to be a baby nurse and take care of sick babies like the nurses took care of her sister. I asked her about that when she told me now wants to be a missionary. She said China has sick babies too. She's right! :)

Rex Singing the Beaver Song :)

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