Sunday, December 6, 2009

18 Months Old!

KK! You are 18 Months old!

What are YOU up to??

Walking/Running and getting into everything.

Your Favorite food is Bread. Any kind, any place.

You love to play a game where I say "KK" and you Say "MAMA!!!" We do this over and over and over again!

You WORSHIP your sister and try to copy everything she does.

You LOVE the Christmas Tree, and you LOVE pulling all the ornaments off.

You LOVE dog food. Every time I turn around you are trying to steal it out of the dog bowl and eat it!!! Crazy girl!

Words you are saying: MAMA, DADA, Bri-B (Briley), Yippy (Zippy is Zoey's Nickname), Yog Yog (Dog Dog), Wasss Dat? (What's That?), Dere (There), Ma-Mama (Grandmama), Baby.

You are growing so Fast!!! Will you please slow down just a tad :)

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