Monday, September 29, 2008

Shore Thang- Up close and Personal

This weekend was the first trip to Bolivar since Ike came through. Everyone loaded up nervously in anticipation of what would be found at Shore Thang- Our Beach House on Crystal beach. It's hard to explain the reaction one has to the devastation all around you and how you reason that one house is standing and the neighbors is gone. The emotions of this day run crazily, all over the place. Once minute its sadness about the devastation, loss and mess. The next minute you realize your house it repairable compared to those around it and you feel jovial and happy that you were spared and have what you have.... one word is exhausting..... Here are some pics of the Beachouse and the area around it:
Diesel was $4.19 that Day

Our Picnic Table- check out the Sand Level

The Only house left in Gilcrest

Roll over pass

Cars and more cars

Latitude 92.6- our Surf Shop

How about a new van??

The Beach

Neighbor's Slab

Back Side of David's House


Our Bedroom

Neighbors across the street

Neighbor across the street from us

Fire Place

East side of our house

Under Side of our beach house

Need a new truck??

Dining Area


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