Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Heart Feels Heavy...

My heart hurts, I cannot imagine what it feels like to be told that your daughter has brain cancer, then to watch her go through grueling treatments for an entire year, have a several clear scans, sing the "no more chemo" song and then suddenly on a routine scan the orginal cancer spots plus more are back. It makes you ask God WHY?? Why her, why now, why? why? why??  God is not a bad God. Everyone is put on this earth for a purpose and many people, who were sick, lost, dying have followed Kate's story and reformed their lives and now know Jesus and why he died on the Cross.... People who have never prayed are praying now, all because of Kate.  But as a parent, though her story is touching many, she is a daughter and a sister and a grand daughter. She has a future and her parents want to see her live it. 
I believe in Prayer. I believe God Listens and hears our hopes, and wishes and dreams and pleas. We had thousands praying for our daughter at one point and there needs to be hundreds of thousands praying for Kate.  He listened to our prayer.... He can heal Kate. Her parents need you to lift them up in prayer for strength and patience as they begin a whole new battle on a monster that is ravaging their baby. Close your eyes, hit your knees and PLEASE, please Please join me in praying for Kate. Please.

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