Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet Tea & Mason Jars

I'm not really sure how blog relevant this is, but hey. Whatever right? Most of you, who read this, know I'm not a Texan. I am here because I fell in love with one. It's easy to do. Everyone in my family has fallen in love with a Texan. My dad fell in love with my mom, I fell in love with Nathan, my sister fell in love with Brandon, All my grandparents did too! etc, etc. There's just something about them :) Living in the South is awesome. But even though I have been here since 1997, I am still learning and trying to "adjust" my ways. For years, my husband has been BEGGING me to learn to make Sweet Tea. So, this week I gave in. I got a recipe from a friend and I was shocked when it actually turned out like it should.... :) He has also been asking for YEARS, for Mason Jars to drink out of. Its his favorite way to drink anything. Well after some of our glasses broke and chipped, I gave into that too. 

So now when you drop in to visit, I can offer you a good ol' glass a sweet tea in a Mason Jar. :) 

How fun is that?

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  1. I bet you have a happy guy on your hands. We go through tea like no one's business around here. I make about a gallon a day, just for the two of us! :)